*takes ambien


You said NO ambien before dinner at your parents.

Wife: Really?

Me:*already getting naked* I’m sure it will be fine.

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It’s as hard to defend Liverpool as it is for Liverpool to defend.


Gets in shower

Washes hair

Thinks about a tweet

Forgets if washed hair

Washes hair

Gets out of shower

Forgets tweet


straight people: gay marriage is an embarrassment to marriage!

also straight people:


Look grandma. You told me to bring something to the wake. If you meant a casserole, you should have said so. Now help me load this drum kit.


When I’m home alone and I walk into the basement, I start talking out loud about all the karate I know.


Facebook: People trying to save the world one uneducated post at a time


I need your fingers, rubbing me hard, circling around my red swollen …mosquito bite.

What did YOU think I’m talking about?



Reckless driving, pot allegations and cop visits, Justin Bieber is a bad wig away from being the next Amanda Bynes.