The 3 types of Christmas movies:

1. Movies about Santa.

2.People being changed by the Christmas spirit.

3. Die Hard

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People in Arab nations are still wondering what all the western world hub bub about hump day and camel toe is about.


Someone broke into my house and all they stole was my limbo stick. Like, seriously?! How low can you go?


I love gay people. Or as I sometimes call them, “people.”


“The 1st Amendment is a magical shield that protects you from any consequences after publically posting your opinions online.”

– idiots


Walking 500 miles:
-somewhat impressive
-no real purpose
-kind of weird

Walking 500 more:
-an impressive total of 1000 miles
-to fall down at your door
-da da da (DA DA DA)


[slipping DJ $20] my good sir would you turn it down a skooch


if you see suicide squad be sure to stay after the credits. lots of people leave half empty containers of popcorn and you can just have them


I googled “how freaking long can it possibly take to play 18 holes of golf?” if you wanted to know how much trouble my husband is in tonight.


Based on the noise, my neighbors cars is stuck in the snow. If the aim of my potato gun is correct he’s gonna have a broken windshield too.