the dance of freedom. the death bells. the rising of the joker.

one of the most magnificent, sublime, monumental, extraordinary scenes in cinema history

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4 am is a useless time. You can’t fall back to sleep at that hour and there is no point getting up.

When I’m president, we’ll do 11 pm twice and skip 4 am.


God: You’ll be huge and fat

Blue Whale: Dang

God: Awful eyesight

Whale: Ugh

God: No predators- except other whales

Whale: I don’t wanna do thi-

God: Biggest junk on the planet

Whale: I’m in


Pretty insulting when you wake up in a bathtub of ice and they left all your organs.


friend: you ever need anything lemme know.

me: okay thanks

friend: you need a potato?

me: uh

friend: i have three potatoes


I am astonishingly jubilant that I ultimately uncovered my mislaid thesaurus.


If Target didn’t want anyone singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” into a hairbrush they shouldn’t have it playing over the store intercom.


My wife tricked me into marrying her by laughing at my jokes when we were dating.


Travel tip: If you’re gonna have a double Bloody Mary at the airport, remember to bring $17,000.


ME: There’s a dead fly in my soup


ME: There’s a dead fly in a tiny burning longboat in my soup


ME: A cricket bard sings his spirit into the next world


ME: My compliments to the chef