The name “groundhog” suggests the presence of sea and skyhogs and I am not sure how I feel about that.

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i’d give up everything to be a small anthropomorphic woodland animal wearing victorian clothes living in a little house in a meadow and my neighbour is a goose wearing a bonnet and my only worry is will my apple pie be ready for when mrs owl comes visit me for tea time


Can’t stop thinking about really disturbing things today, like what if they had called him Illinois Jones.


[in Paris]

Will you have sex with me?

“No monsieur.”

Okay, like, I don’t speak French. BLINK ONCE FOR NO AND TWICE FOR YES.


If I’m ever possessed, I hope the demon remembers these curls need product to bounce.


I left some avocado toast out on the front porch and in the morning Iโ€™d caught three millennials. Paid off their student loans and released them back into the wild. Good kids.



“What’s that Lassie?”

*bark bark*

“Timmy’s stuck in a loveless marriage with an overly critical wife?”


“Ooh, dinnertime.”


Me: how old is your daughter?
Person: she’s 31 months
Me: ok but like how old in minutes?


Me *sees boy at school* ugh that kid over there is so annoying

Teacher: I agree but you still need to take him home


Excerpt of my Google searches today:
7:07am Did the curve flatten yet
7:54am Did the curve flatten yet
8:12am Did the curve flatten yet
8:14am Did the curve flatten yet
9:33am Did the curve flatten yet
9:48am Cheddar Bay biscuits delivery
9:49am Did the curve flatten yet