The USB port on this cat doesn’t work.

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I’ll bet my mom’s up in heaven right now, smiling, thinking, “Wow, it was really nice of them to let me out of hell for the day.”


A sloth just poked me to see if I was still alive, so don’t talk to me about your Netflix asking you if you’re still watching.


I’m gonna make a alternate account so I can catfish myself. I know what I like so I may fall for it


THERAPIST: Ever had a job?
ME: I once worked at a zoo
T: Great! & what did you take from that?
ME: Definitely not a penguin
T: What
M: What


Just once in movies when someone gently shuts a dead person’s eyes I want them to whisper “Ew, ew, ew, ew.” while doing it.


“Opening a llama acting school called ‘Save the Drama for your Llama.”

“No, I mean where do you see yourself in 5 years with this job?”


What’s going on under there? Nobody has to know but you. – Poncho salesman


My Bread Shop may have turned a profit if I stuck with the original name: Rolling In Dough instead of: Yeast Infection Connection.