There was a time when men expected to be your lover without getting with your friends. That all changed in 1996. Let me tell you a story…

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How much would you have to pay a teacher to flunk your kid so he has to go to Summer School? Just planning ahead…


I hope when I get old, my motorized wheelchair is fast enough the catch the ice cream truck.


I read murder mysteries for complicated plot lines, well rounded characters, and creative yet practical alibis.


People who pretend they don’t know me when they see me in public are the real heroes


Yeah but how many of you can say you’ve managed to get your head stuck in the strings of a piano


I never understood why they were called chicken tenders until I let one caress my face.


Nothing makes me scream louder during sex than when my husband calls to let me know he’s on his way home from work.


My kid asked for help with her report but if I did it for her she won’t learn! So I showed how to google, change name, & print on her own.