This country is bonkers. Toilet paper: gone. Bottled water: sold out. And yet nobody else thought to stock up on the single most important thing. Good luck now suckers! Ya snooze ya lose

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8yo: mommy how old are you?

Me: 46

8yo: *blink blink* so you seen a real dinosaur?


Them: if lemonade has real lemons in it, do you think gatorade has actual gators in it?

Me: *drinking poisonade* oh shit



RACCOON (in trench coat): one egg

WAITER: one egg? *suspicious* you’re not from around here, are you?

RACCOON: t-two eggs?

WAITER: ah yes, that’s a normal quantity of eggs

RACCOON: *excitedly* five eggs!

WAITER: *eyes narrow*


kidnapper: [on the phone] pay the ransom to get your son back

dad: oh god let me talk to him

kidnapper: very well

dad: son listen money doesn’t grow on trees


ME: [getting pistol whipped] hey everyone, look at this idiot who thinks his gun is a whip


There’s no such thing as a 10 second rule, with a 5 second dog.


So i said to Arnie “Where did you get those toilet rolls??”
He said “Aisle B, Back.”