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@AGreaterMonster : In first grade I pretended I could talk to animals because I thought kids would like me, but then a squirrel attacked Lisa Shapiro.

@AGreaterMonster: The mechanic has informed me that the shrieking sound I hear in my car on my way to work is apparently me.

@AGreaterMonster: I'm doing interval training. It's just that the intervals are very far apart.

@AGreaterMonster: I can't take this show seriously until they address the size of Clifford the Big Red Dog's poops.

@AGreaterMonster: When I saw grown ups in public kissing I'd ask my mom, "What are they doing?" Now I wonder the same thing.

@AGreaterMonster: This is serious as a heart attack but not one of those funny heart attacks. Those make me laugh.

@AGreaterMonster: Interviewer: What would you say is your greatest strength?
Me: Definitely my insecurities. Very strong.

@AGreaterMonster: My mom sent me a two paragraph email to inform me that she had called customer service and received $17 off her flight to see me.

@AGreaterMonster: I'm going to swallow a jack-in-the-box so that when they do an autopsy—BOING, surprise!

@AGreaterMonster: Stretching before working out is for wussies could someone please call 911?