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Page of CM2BTTHD's best tweets

@CM2BTTHD : The best defense against auto theft is not The Club. It's 65 empty water bottles in the back seat and a rear window full of stuffed animals.

@CM2BTTHD: Our dog runs away so much, I'm just going to spray paint our phone number on her side.

@CM2BTTHD: I just saw my 25-year-old son run water on a slice of pizza to cool it off. I need to sit down.

@CM2BTTHD: My half-brothers had a Hungarian dad and an Eskimo dad. My dad was from Wales. Our dinner table was like the U.N...only with slapping.

@CM2BTTHD: Co-worker had a meltdown over someone having a b-day cake. Said since she has no willpower, stop bringing cake in. Tonight, baking cookies.

@CM2BTTHD: CPR refresher class. We're told, "If they're not breathing, there's no way you can make it worse." Woman then trips; kicks dummy's head off.