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Page of ComedicBust's best tweets

@ComedicBust : ME: Idk why, but I always chop the counter with my credit card like I’m cutting cocaine whenever I’m buying something.

GF’S FATHER: How did you meet my daughter?

@ComedicBust: MECHANIC: looks like it’s the transmission. It’s going to cost 5 grand.

ME: [hiking up my pants, pretending I know what I’m talking about] Sure it’s not the ol’ mcgriddle?

MECHANIC: the McDonalds breakfast sandwich?

ME: Debit or credit?

@ComedicBust: [at a wake]

WIDOW: [crying uncontrollably]

ME: [putting my arm around her] I saw you double dip that chip earlier.

@ComedicBust: I fantasize about my enemies spending their weekends at kid's birthday parties.

@ComedicBust: Whenever I wear a suit I spend the entire time talking into my collar and sleeve, because if I’m going to be uncomfortable, I’m going to at least pretend to be a spy.

@ComedicBust: Me: How do think pirates said "booty" all the time without laughing?

Mother-in-law: I begged my daughter not to marry you.

@ComedicBust: The older you get, the more you realize cancelled plans are better than sex.

@ComedicBust: I always walk into Target with a pissed off look on my face. These people don't need to know I'm here to buy waterfall scented candles.

@ComedicBust: ME: What'd you want for dinner?

MY GOTHIC GF: I pray that the lord of darkness will claim my body & soul before sunset.

ME: Chinese it is.

@ComedicBust: WIFE: Why are you bleeding?

ME [recovering alcoholic]: *flashback to sliding across the hood of my car in the Arby’s parking lot* BAR FIGHT