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@DvuslyMarvelous : Kid: Can I sleep in your room tonight, I'm scared of the monster. Me: WHAT, and have the monster follow you into my room and kill us both?

@DvuslyMarvelous: Humidity - letting everyone know what you look like after long hot sex.

@DvuslyMarvelous: All my romantic tweets are just stuff the bum outside my building yells at me as I walk into work

@DvuslyMarvelous: Reached out to my 8th grade girlfriend and made a new pact, if we’re both still married when we are 50, we’re going to push each other off a bridge.

@DvuslyMarvelous: Craigslist ad:
Looking for someone who can push me on the swings. Every 9th push has to be an underdog push.

No weirdos please.

@DvuslyMarvelous: Twitter is like Gilligan's Island. We have the skills to fix the boat and leave.

Instead we stay & learn how use coconuts a 1000 ways.

@DvuslyMarvelous: [At Mexican Restaurant]
Me:asks for food to be spicy hot
Waitress: how hot?
Waitress:my people hot or your people hot