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Page of Glennot73's best tweets

@Glennot73 : FB: you have memories to look back on

Wine: i’ll take care of this

@Glennot73: me: I just don’t think this relationship is healthy for either of us

bucket of fried chicken:

@Glennot73: me: I’d wait a lifetime for you

also me: 5 seconds till I can skip the add ? that’s some bullshit right there

@Glennot73: kid: dad, dad, dad I can do a magic trick, pick a card

*takes card*

kid: ok give it back and *shuffles* is this your card ?


is this your card ?


*27 cards later* is this your card ?


@Glennot73: This body wash smells like a smoothie !!!
This body wash does not taste like a smoothie !!!