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Page of GlumGeorgeLucas's best tweets

@GlumGeorgeLucas : I showed up at Disney headquarters uninvited

I said I was there for a Rogue One cameo

That's how I learned the security guards have Tasers

@GlumGeorgeLucas: "Rogue One" idea:

The spies anxiously wait to meet their new commander.

Boldly - regally - he strides into the room.

"Mesa Jar-Jar Binks"

@GlumGeorgeLucas: I wish I gave Darth Vader different last words.

Before he died, I wanted him to mutter, "I should have stuck to pod racing."

@GlumGeorgeLucas: My interior decorator quit on her first day on the job.

I told her to paint all the walls in my house to be green screens.

@GlumGeorgeLucas: "The Force Awakens" had 0 people riding giant CGI lizards.

How is that even science fiction?

They might as well rename it "Downton Abbey."

@GlumGeorgeLucas: Disney couldn't handle my awesome script.

Kylo Ren was Rey's father.

Finn was her brother.

Chewbacca was her cousin twice removed.