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Page of JPLFR80's best tweets

@JPLFR80 : People who say all you need is love probably already stocked up on Doritos

@JPLFR80: What do you mean "yogurt flavored"?! Yogurt is the stuff we have to add flavor to.

@JPLFR80: The UPS person who always found Wile E. Coyote in the middle of the desert for same day deliveries is the real hero.

@JPLFR80: How long does Chewbacca take to shampoo his hair?

@JPLFR80: Somewhere out there, my soulmate is adorably pushing on a pull door.

@JPLFR80: That second sandwich was a mistake.

- me, making a third sandwich

@JPLFR80: I'm really scared society will collapse soon and there won't be any more Doritos.