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Page of KevinFarzad's best tweets

@KevinFarzad : lifehack: you don’t have to be a cicada to burrow underground and then emerge and start yelling

@KevinFarzad: I don't understand people who do things on weekends. You just did things all week. What's next, more things?? That's how they get you

@KevinFarzad: Life is short. If you have a crush on someone, walk right up to them then a little past them and just keep going it’s probably not worth it

@KevinFarzad: Me trying to ask someone for a favor: Hey could you help me with this thing? Absolutely no pressure though. Totally ok if you can’t. If you’d rather run me over with a car that’s cool. Are you mad at me?

@KevinFarzad: It's been so inspiring to see our country come together over the past few months and refuse to use facebook stories

@KevinFarzad: canceling plans is ok. staying home to cook is ok. disappearing for a bit to get your life together is ok. resurfacing in a foreign country with a new name 10 years later is ok. it's called self care

@KevinFarzad: Sick and tired of cooking videos assuming I have 40 perfect little bowls to put ingredients in. Grow up

@KevinFarzad: Following politics is fun cuz it combines the entertainment of reality TV with the thrill of possibly dying in real life

@KevinFarzad: Hmm ok Trump may have said another horrible thing but let’s not forget Hillary once texted a friend “Omw!” while she was still in the shower

@KevinFarzad: I'm tired of being told to remove my card rapidly. Starting a new ATM for people who wanna remove their card at a more chill pace