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@SadieSmithRoks : You can learn a lot about a man based on how he responds to a bird pooping on him. Also background checks and digging thru his trash.

@SadieSmithRoks: A homeless man just asked me if I was having a bad hair day, so I took my dollar back.

@SadieSmithRoks: It happens when you least expect it.

Your head starts to spin. You lose control and you start falling head over heels.

-winter ice/love

@SadieSmithRoks: Is no shave November just for men?

Asking for my female Italian coworker and her mustache.

@SadieSmithRoks: Not a lot of people know this, but if you dress up like a pirate and go into Red Lobster, you eat for free.

@SadieSmithRoks: Next time my cat has some friends over, I'm going to puke right next to where they are sitting and see how she likes it.