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Page of TheDailySchmuck's best tweets

@TheDailySchmuck : I'm black. I should be able to stick my finger in milk and make it chocolate milk. But evolution is bogus.

@TheDailySchmuck: Don't worry about the grass on the other side.

It's not your grass.

@TheDailySchmuck: 1995: one day the Internet will allow all people access to the full breadth of human knowledge.

2016: *watching cat videos*

@TheDailySchmuck: *makes third wish*

Lastly, I want to be irresistible to women.

[Transformed into really nice handbag]


@TheDailySchmuck: Top Five Creepy Things:

5) Dark and stormy nights
4) Spiders
3) Cars with eyelashes
2) Decaf drinkers
1) People who take one bite of cake

@TheDailySchmuck: I was dating this girl until I found out she stuffed her bra with tissue paper.

Then I was hooked because serious allergy issues.

@TheDailySchmuck: *wakes up after all night party*

*rolls over*

*rolls over*

*rolls over*

How did I get on this escalator?

@TheDailySchmuck: I hate when I shape my hand like a phone to tell someone to call me, but they're in their 20s and don't know what phones used to look like.

@TheDailySchmuck: [Eating unhealthy potato at restaurant]

Cop: You're under arrest.

Me: What's the charge?

[Lowers sunglasses]

Cop: a salt and buttery.

@TheDailySchmuck: Every time I'm the only black person at a party I think: "Wow. I helped them make quota."