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@TheHyyyype : [watching friend input his password on a website]

ME: dude, your password is just 10 asterisks? not very secure

@TheHyyyype: [criminal trial]

PROSECUTOR: *gives eloquent, convincing closing argument as to why my client is guilty*

ME: *holds up poster of prosecutor's entire argument in the spongebob meme format*

JURY: lmao, not guilty

@TheHyyyype: the concept of modeling is insane to me. "buy our clothes. here, check out how they look on someone infinitely more attractive than you, you messy slob"

@TheHyyyype: hate sitting down at my favorite diner and having the waitress i've known for 15 years come to pour me coffee but i notice that her usually steady hand is shaking, tipping me off to a hostage situation that i will be forced to resolve with a combination of guile and violence

@TheHyyyype: [being interrogated for my involvement in a bank heist]

COP 1: give us a name

ME: big bird

COP 2: a real name

ME: millard fillmore

COP 1: no you idiot, someone you know

ME: nana

@TheHyyyype: [first date with woman who has a kid]

HER: i'm a single mom

ME: yeah no shit, how many moms did you think i thought you were

@TheHyyyype: MOST TIMES: i know all of the lyrics to this song and could sing it in my sleep

DURING KARAOKE: i don't remember a single word, may have even forgotten about the very concept of music

@TheHyyyype: FRIEND: it's all about picking your battles


WIFE: i can't believe you ju-

ME: *holds up hand* i choose gettysburg

@TheHyyyype: [i get home to find a note on the refrigerator that says "i'm leaving and i'm taking the kids"]

ME: *unplugs fridge from power outlet* you're not going anywhere you piece of shit

@TheHyyyype: [lava kids playing in a volcano]

"the floor is linoleum!"