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@WarrenHolstein : Melania Trump says her husband is "not Hitler." That's true. Hitler had a mustache and adult-sized hands.

@WarrenHolstein: Could you imagine being the Secret Service agent that blocked a bullet for Donald Trump, 20 years later? You wouldn't tell anyone.

@WarrenHolstein: If Miley Cyrus really wanted to shock us at the VMAs, she'd show up in a burka covered in a snowsuit and slowly add more clothing each hour.

@WarrenHolstein: Sorry, but Apple making driverless cars isn't breaking news. It's been going on ever since they introduced the iPhone.

@WarrenHolstein: Janay Rice says the elevator attack was all part of God's plan. God must not like her very much.

@WarrenHolstein: FUN PRANK: Replace signs for Red Cross Blood Drive line with "iPhone 6 in Stock" and watch the shenanigans ensue.

@WarrenHolstein: Save money this Halloween by utilizing last years' hobo costume to dress up as this year's federal employee.

@WarrenHolstein: Burger King is preparing to introduce a new turkey burger. Pigeons are beginning to disappear.

@WarrenHolstein: Police say Oscar Pistorius is a flight risk. How? Does he also have a pair of propeller feet?