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@awordforaword : I think we should hear other voices.

@awordforaword: *sets up 10 security questions for online account*

*clicks on "remember me"*

@awordforaword: "Are you listening to understand or to be right?"

~ sometimes pretending to listen results in unexpected mutiple choice questions

@awordforaword: "Finish your peas. Kids in China are starving"

"Finish your math. Kids in America are cheating off the Asian kids"

@awordforaword: I finally got my first interview since moving to the US. Almost able to say something more romantic to the GF than "you're out of batteries"

@awordforaword: *men apologize for their weakness*

*women apologize for their strength*

*aliens probe neither*

@awordforaword: Doesn't get paid: has popcorn and vodka martinis for dinner.

Gets paid: has popcorn and raspberry vodka martinis for dinner.

@awordforaword: "Houston we ... are fine."

Female astronaut probably

@awordforaword: If the radius of a pizza is Z and the thickness is A, then the volume of pizza is PI x Z x Z x A. #asianshowingoff