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Page of cravin4's best tweets

@cravin4 : My Car would not run, neighbor said it was a problem with the stringy thing..Took it to a Quantum Mechanic and he disagreed w string theory

@cravin4: I dreamt I was getting attacked by a bike repeatedly.

It was a vicious cycle.

@cravin4: There is no such thing as bad cheese there is only bad people who didn't eat the cheese fast enough.

@cravin4: Today my battery went dead on my car key so I had to manually unlock it like the pioneers did.

@cravin4: My wife does this cute thing now & then where she goes out shopping for next years yard sale items.

@cravin4: Things I dipped in Nutella this weekend:

Animal Crackers

@cravin4: My wife asked if I wanted to go to a pig roast this summer but I've been fat shamed enough already this year.

@cravin4: A sex boycott sounds fun and all but have you ever tried marriage?

@cravin4: Can't, I'm about to turn 50 and my lower back is almost 83.

@cravin4: [Attorney's office]

*checked box for cremation*
*signed last will and testament*

Guess I just made an ash out of myself.

Wife: *rolls eyes*
Did he also sign the DNR?