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Page of dreadnaught69's best tweets

@dreadnaught69 : I hate corporate lingo. Stuff like "core competency" or "design out the problem" or "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and do some work today"

@dreadnaught69: People who incessantly go on and on about replacing things that taste good with quinoa, please stop

@dreadnaught69: I was pretty sure you were the wrong kind of crazy. Then you used "luckfully" in a tweet and removed all doubt.

@dreadnaught69: I'm pretty sure the rule at Starbucks is the slowest employee makes the drinks

@dreadnaught69: *at a restaurant*

Don't be awkward, don't be awkward

Waitress: how's the food?
Me: yes

@dreadnaught69: She thinks I drink all day when she's at work. I don't... I stop just before she gets home