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@iAmJuddy : "Oooo, a window. Let's see if I can fly through it." - Dumbass birds

@iAmJuddy: Atheists certainly have a lot to say about the nothing they believe in.

@iAmJuddy: You say illegal, I say added to my bucket list.

@iAmJuddy: Wifey: We should get a chest freezer.

Me: We don't need a freezer that big.

Wifey: What if we need to hide bodies?

Me: I love you.

@iAmJuddy: |T|h|i|n|k| |I| |f|o|u|n|d| |s|o|m|e|t|h|i|n|g| |m|o|r|e| |a|n|n|o|y|i|n|g| |t|h|a|n| |h|a|s|h|t|a|g|s|

@iAmJuddy: Chef: What kind of bread would you like? We have wheat, rye, white...

Me: Black bread.

Chef: We don't have that.

Me: Racist.

@iAmJuddy: Wait. I'm not cool cuz I'm home on a weekend night? You mean my home I own? With no landlord, neighbors or...parents? Wow, I'm such a loser.

@iAmJuddy: Next time you let someone here affect your real life, tell a stranger "I'm mad at some online person I've never met" then let them punch you

@iAmJuddy: My coworkers think it's funny they have power & I don't. I think it's funny how they won't get home to enjoy it cuz their tires are slashed.

@iAmJuddy: Favorite question to ask a prospective boyfriend for my sister:

Have you ever seen a dead body?

*casually lifts shirt to expose .357*