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Page of jnapsalot's best tweets

@jnapsalot : Having friends sounds like a fun idea until they start trying to make plans with you.

@jnapsalot: Guys, if my husband asks any of you, emotional support shoes are a thing ok?

@jnapsalot: You never realize how a dirty a song is until you hear a 3 year old sing it.

@jnapsalot: Can’t, I’m staring at my dog while he eats so he knows what it feels like

@jnapsalot: I don’t understand why an ear infection exam requires me to get undressed. I’d find a new veterinarian but my dog really likes this dr.

@jnapsalot: Came home to my husband watching ID Channel, dinner cooked and an empty sink.

I have never feared for my life and been simultaneously turned on than I am in this moment.

@jnapsalot: Back before the internet we licked 9 volt batteries for shock value.