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Page of ramenfuneral's best tweets

@ramenfuneral : that awkward moment when you stub your toe and accidentally summon the spirits of a thousand dead feet while you yell and curse

@ramenfuneral: me: one time i almost got trampled to death in a mosh pit
kid: did you die?
me: hmm

@ramenfuneral: happy easter everybody! remember it's not about the bunny but when scott stapp was nailed to that cross

@ramenfuneral: "how about an animal that looks like a cross between a horse and a barcode" - creator of zebras

@ramenfuneral: when i was a kid, i thought getting arrested for shoplifting meant getting in trouble for trying to carry a store like popeye or something

@ramenfuneral: my birthday is a month from today and all i want is this

@ramenfuneral: if i were a white vegan satanist i would constantly say stuff like "kale satan" and "i love the dark gourd" and nobody would stop me