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Page of xLiserx's best tweets

@xLiserx : People who say laughter is the best medicine have clearly never tried curing diarrhea with a tickle fight.

@xLiserx: So you’re telling me we can land a spacecraft remotely on Mars, yet, very few men in my office can pee directly into a stationary toilet?

@xLiserx: I just want to meet a man the old fashioned way: While being exchanged for livestock.

@xLiserx: Flying to China to meet my inflatable boyfriend's parents.

@xLiserx: Sometimes, when he's really pissed me off, I like to log into his Netflix account and rate every romantic teen drama five stars.

@xLiserx: Netflix: Are you still watching?
Me: Yes. I like to watch.
Netflix: I’m worried about you.
Me: Just play the next episode.
Netflix: When was the last time you saw the sun?
Me: There was an outdoor scene in episode 7. Play on.

@xLiserx: If video games were truly to blame for violent acts drive by turtle flinging would be at an all time high.

@xLiserx: I sexually identify as Nickelback because people are ashamed of how much they secretly enjoy me.

@xLiserx: Me: 6 tacos, please.
Him: This is an ice cream truck.
Me: 6 tacos & a swirl cone.
Him: We don't serve tacos.
Me: Your taco truck is broken.

@xLiserx: Trench coats are dangerous. How do you know who’s a detective, a flasher, or two muppets? You just don’t know. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW!!