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Page of xLiserx's best tweets

@xLiserx : Rambo: First Blood (1982)- After the onset of his first period, Rambo struggles with the emotional roller coaster of becoming a woman.

@xLiserx: Sometimes I wear my panties over my skinny jeans so I feel like a sexy superhero. And so strangers won't talk to me at the grocery store.

@xLiserx: Superman hides his identity w/ glasses & a side part. I wear a quilt w/ eye holes & it's still "Lisa, you've been banned from this Wendy's".

@xLiserx: The Wizard of Oz: A teenage runaway gets caught in a storm, commits manslaughter, & crosses state lines to see a man more than 3x her age.

@xLiserx: {4 turtles are stuck on their backs.}
Cop: What's going on here?
Me: Snow angel contest for free pizza.
Cop: ...Who's winning?
Me: Shredder.

@xLiserx: *First Date*
Him: You've been really quiet. Everything ok?
Me: *Sadly* Your SnapChat photos made me think you were a super intelligent dog.

@xLiserx: Lonely nights, we've all been here. Pretending to choke so someone hugs you. Pretending a jellyfish stung you so someone pees on you. Usual.

@xLiserx: 1 of the 7 newly discovered planets has already been declassified after discovering it was merely Pluto wearing high heels & sunglasses.

@xLiserx: Me:*Chewing* These pot brownies are disgusting.
Him: That's a dish sponge.
Me: Oh no! That means -
*Sees all the tea cups eating my Doritos*

@xLiserx: Dog Park
Kid: What's his name?
Me: Dorito. He's a therapy taco. Don't pet him.
Kid:*Throws Ball*
Taco:*Chases it. Lettuce flies everywhere*