[wakes up next to perfectly crocheted sweater with knitting needles in hands]
Oh dear god not again

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sure mugger, run away with my purse holding half used lipstick, 1 tampon, maxed out credit cards n negative bank card.

whos laughing now?


On the phone to the chinese food place & my cat’s all chatty… I cover the receiver and hiss “Shhh, you want them to hear you?”


Who the friggin hell buys a cat? There are cats everywhere. You just let one into your home and it becomes your cat.


[getting a massage]
Me: I have tension in my lower back.
*therapist begins*
Me: Lower.
Me: Lower.
Th: But that’s your a-
Me: Lower!


*snowing outside*

HIM: I should salt the front walk

ME, nodding: Ooh, to enhance the umami flavor


Me, eating an onion like an apple: Let me tell you why your relationships fail, pal


Idea: spotify notifies ur friends when they think ur sad like “josh listened to Deja Entendu 30 times this week, Maybe buy him ice cream?”


Mechanic said I blew a seal…

Technically, it was a sea lion, but more importantly, how did he even know?


*opens kitchen drawer*
Me: Whoa, what’s with all the whisks?
Sir-Mix-a-Lot: Why you judgin me?