When the DJ asks if we are ready to party I sometimes lie & say yes even though I really need like 10 min to get ready

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As a grown woman with no children or morals to slow me down, I will have a definite advantage during tomorrow’s family Easter egg hunts.


[helpful honda people reluctantly helping me bury a body]


[some dude doesn’t like me]

who gives a shit

[a cat doesn’t like me]



“You can have more degrees than a thermometer & still be dumb as shit.”

– Old Southern Proverb


[first day in hell]

hostess: welcome to hell. please take a seat

waiter: *pouring wine* your steak will be out shortly, sir

me: wow this isn’t so bad

group of waiters approaching in distance: happpppy bir-


[entering the office]

Coworker: How are you?

Me: I’ve got a case of diarrhea.

Coworker: Should you get to the bathroom?

Me: No, I just need to find somewhere to put it down.