When villainy didn’t pay anymore, The Riddler got a job writing furniture assembly instructions for IKEA.

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If you watch Jaws backwards, it’s about a shark with gastritis that keeps throwing up people until they all have fun on the beach.


Reminder to any new followers…Ancestry.com is NOT a dating site…lesson learned…like 4 times.


ONLINE BOYFRIEND: “Why do you have so many socks?”

ME: [hiding my octopus tentacles while on webcam] “Haha, no reason. They are just fun to have.”


Me: Whoa…What are you doing?

Wife: I’m donating some of your books…They’re just taking up space.

Me: You don’t get rid of books…besides half of those aren’t even colored yet.



Y’all tweet like you don’t know it only takes 2 doctors to commit you.


A clown sighting was reported at the office this morning but it turns out Karen put her make up on in the car again.


Judge: Would the jury now read its verdict.

Head Juror: We, the jury, find George Michael’s feet guilty on all counts of Lacking Rhythm.

George Michael’s feet: *uncontrollable sobbing followed by fainting*

George Michael: What the hell is even happening? I’m free to go, right?


a fun thing to do when someone enters the elevator is to calmly say to them “I was murdered in this very elevator exactly one year ago”