when you have 47 tabs open, a netflix movie running, and a zoom meeting that’s minimized on your little laptop

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Dogs lick each other’s butts to tell each other they like them. Just like politicians


Got fired from my last job as a nightclub promoter because I refuse to break the first rule of nightclub


Hey people with one syllable names…… Good job ruining the Happy Birthday song. Jerks


God: you run really fast.

Horse: sweet.

God: people ride you in circles for sport.

Horse: kindof weird but ok

God: also don’t break a leg.

Horse: why?


Horse: God? why?


RECEPTIONIST: And what’s the best way to reach you?

ME: Probably just standing really close to me. And then, like… *slowly stretches arm out*


[rescued at sea]
Coastguard: Where are the others?
Me: Had to eat them.
CG: You were out there for 4 hours.
M: They really got on my nerves.


him: what are you writing?
me: an epic romantic novel.
him: nice! what’s it called?


[trying out my magic tricks for the first time]

*sawing person in half*

Funeral director: *wrestling me away from casket*


The scientifically proven most effective way of cooling off your fighter in between rounds. #PFLPlayoffs