When you smile and laugh and pretend you heard a word they said.

~ Night club conversations and marriage

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Every time you sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” I’m reminded how much I disapprove of My son’s friends.


One of the best ways to prepare for marriage is to wait 15 minutes in your car before going anywhere.


While humans carry out social distancing, a group of 14 elephants broke into a village in Yunan province, looking for corn and other food. They ended up drinking 30kg of corn wine and got so drunk that they fell asleep in a nearby tea garden. 😂❤️


What idiot called it a meal of light colored carnival bus tickets of appropriate price and not a fair fair fair fare fare


I text my husband approximately 35 times per day with a rate of about 1 response per 5 texts.

Husband, after I put my phone down for 3 minutes and one “Hi” text from him goes unanswered:



John: Hey Jude…

Paul: Don’t make it bad

George: Take a sad song…

Ringo: So weird how coffee is yummy hot or cold but gross in-between