“At recess today, some kid named Billy told our daughter that he had butterflies in his stomach. Isn’t that adorable?”

”That Miller kid? He’ll eat anything.”

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Star Wars (1977, PG) a group of terrorists enlist the aid of a drug smuggler and a religious fanatic to bomb the seat of governmental power.


[Elon Musk sees a homeless guy]
“Oh no, this is terrible. I simply must use my vast wealth to address this problem”
[2 weeks later]
“I have invented sunglasses that make homeless people invisible so that rich people don’t have to see them”


Me: I don’t appreciate being unexpectedly hit with goose liver.

Waiter: I’m sorry for throwing you a surprise pâté.


You can make up any word you want in conversation and if you use it in a dilsationary way, people rarely question the meaning.


1985: call me on the new line in my room

2000: call me on my mobile flip phone

2015: don’t call me


Her: Have you seen my penguin tattoo?

Me *eyes wide* how does he hold the needle?


Whose got two big strong hands? Asking for a friend on National No Bra day?


OWNER: The museum’s ready?
ME: All the artichokes are in place
OWNER: Ha, you mean artifacts
[I slam the door shut]
ME: U cannot go in there