worm: *tells a joke*
early bird: lol

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If I ever correct your spelling you should just consider it a gift. Mostly a gift for me, but a little bit for you too


Computer problems can be solved with duct tape if you apply it directly to the mouth of the person asking you to help fix their computer.


@thefunnytweeter With the way my diet is going, I think I’ll be much more slimmer after this quarantine.


I snuck popcorn into the movie theatre but they won’t let me use their microwave.


Kanye West Presents:



“Papa, Kanye Hear Me?”
“Kanye Feel the Love Tonight”
“I Am a Few of My Favorite Things”


{Goldfish Funeral}
GOLDFISH 1: We’ll never forget him
GOLDFISH2: Forget who?
G1: What are you talking abo-OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO TEDDY?!


Would the Government cope in a zombie apocalypse? Vacant, horrible, disoriented people stumbling around without purpose. Plus the zombies.


Alfred: *placing pancakes in the shape of the Bat Signal* Here are your pancakes, Master W-

Bruce: They’re Batcakes Alfred. Say “Batcakes!”