Worst things the parents do in Home Alone:
3. Never punish Buzz
2. Forget one of their kids
1. Try to make everyone drink milk with pizza

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My daughter was pretty pissed that someone called the cops, ending her party.

Whatever, I needed some sleep.


guy: man this water is warm

extremely narcissistic Luke: nah it’s not that warm this is like a different kind of warm tbh


[Me as a Realtor]

BUYERS: this is a great house, what’s the catch?
ME: Well, it is a bit.. [cant think of the word haunted] ghost encrusted


I drank so much Mt. Dew my taste buds turned into tase bros.


As a child I had a medical condition that meant I had to eat soil 3 times a day in order to survive. Lucky my older brother told me about it


In Ancient Days, Newscasters Kept You Updated On The Latest News Happening Flat The World.


ADAM: [rummaging through a pile of leaves] EVE, HAVE YOU SEEN MY WORK CLOTHES, HONEY?


Dear ladies,

if you compliment a man’s car when he’s standing next to it, he’ll kick the car’s tires. Please don’t make it weird by asking why we are kicking the car. Nobody asks why you rub nonexistent hair off your forehead when we tell you you look beautiful.


“the immaturity and the copying are my main issues” I say in a whiny voice as my wife storms out of the counsellors office