[Zoo, bird show]

“Millions of years of evolution have made these ancient raptors into graceful sky gods.”

*bird headbutts window 50 times*

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barista: name for the latte?
me: it’s Zach with an “h”
*two minutes later*
barista: i’ve got a latte for Hach


If you want world peace, your army should be made up of massage therapists. I mean, who could fight while getting a relaxing massage?


Act now and we will double your order of crap!



“You are terrible at metaphors.”

“Wow. Jealousy is a bad moustache on you.”


Every so often I Google my name hoping someone stole my identity and made a better something out of myself.


T-Rex teen: Omg, that meteor is so bright, I’m literally dying!

T-Rex mom: don’t be so dramatic…


My Rice Krispies were speaking in tongues this morning, so I’m pretty sure the end days are near.


Legend of Tarzan 2:

Tarzan meets other primates.

He befriends them all.

He teaches them to fight.

It’s a prequel to Planet of the Apes.